International Relations-I


  1. Meaning, Nature & Scope
  2. The Nation State System

Paper—1 (Marks-100)

I.     Introduction

§    The Definition and Scope of International Relations, 1.1B 1.1C.

§    The Nation-State System

§    Evolution of International Society

II.     Theories and Approaches

§    The Classical Approaches-Realism and Idealism

§    The Scientific Revolution-Behavioral Approach, System Approach,

§    Neo-realism, Neo-liberalism.

§    Post-modernism, Critical Theory, Feminism, Constructivism

III.     International Political Security.

§    Conceptualization of security in the Twenty-First century

§    Power. Elements of National Power

§    Balance of Power

§    Foreign Policy: Determinants, Decision Making and Analysis

§    Sovereignty

§    National Interest

IV.     Strategic Approach to International Relation.

§     War: Causation of War, Total War, Limited War, Asymmetric Warfare, Civil War, Guerilla Warfare

§    Strategic Culture: Determinants of Pakistani Strategic Culture.

§    Deterrence: Theory and practice with special reference to India and Pakistan

V.     International Political Economy.

§    Theories in IPE: Mercantilism, Economic Liberalism, and Neo- Marxism

§    Theories of Imperialism, Dependence and Interdependence discourse

VI.     International political community.

§    Nationalism

§    Internationalism

§    Globalization

VII.     Approaches to Peace

§    Diplomacy

§    International Law

§    Arms Control /Disarmament and Nuclear Non proliferation Regime

VIII.     International Political Institution

§    United Nations

§    International Monetary Fund (IMF)

§    World Bank

§    International Court of Justice