e-Computer Course

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e-Computer is a unique opportunity to learn computer software usage and Computer Languages with the help of tools, technologies, experiences and foreign qualified professionals. In this program we offer multiple Levels
A. One week,
B. One Month,
C. Three Months,
D. Semester or Certificate Course leading to one year Diploma
E. One year Diploma
F. Customized options for
i) Beginners,
ii) Intermediate
iii) Advance &
iv) Customize Courses

A. One Week —
i) Computer Introduction,
ii) Internet Introduction,
iii) Web Development Introduction,
iv) Computer Languages Introduction,
v) Graphic Designing Introduction,
vi) GIS Introduction,
vii) Software Introduction,
viii) Software Development Introduction,
ix) Computer Robotics Introduction,
x) Introduction to Android App Development,
xi) Introduction to MS Office,
xii) Introduction to Databases,
xiii) Introduction to Hardware,
xiv) Introduction to ethical hacking,
xv) Introduction to Digital Marketing,
xvi) Power Point Presentation,
xvii) MS Excel,
xviii) MS Word.

B. One Month —
i) Computer Basics,
ii) Internet Basics,
iii) Web Development CMS,
iv) Computer Languages Introduction & C, C++,
v) Graphic Designing Multiple tools & Photoshop,
vi) Usage of Geographical Information System GIS,
vii) Software Introduction, MS Windows, MS Office, Some Online software
viii) Software Development Introduction, HTML, JAVA, Visual Basic etc.
ix) Computer Robotics,
x) Android App Development through tools,
xi) MS Office,
xii) Databases, MS Access, MS Excel, SQL Oracle etc
xiii) Hardware A+,
xiv) Ethical hacking tools & Technics,
xv) Digital Marketing through Social Media,
xvi) MS Excel (Advance),
xvii) MS Word (Advance).

C. Basic Computer Course comprises on subjects

D. Semester 6 months Certificate course leading to Diploma

E. Computer Diploma one year course

F-i. Computer Course for Teachers
F-ii. Computer Course for Engineers
F-iii. Computer Course for Doctors
F-iv. Computer Course for Businessmen
F-v. Computer/Mobile Phone Course for Parents
F-vi. Operation Badar
F-vii. Operation Ridulfsad