About Us

The e-academy is a product of experience gained while scrambling between academia and usage of newly developed Information Technology tools to transform traditional educational system from push approach towards a pull approach.

The pull approach became possible by combining traditional education and learning technologies. The gains of this happy merger are visible in every field of education from primary education to competitive exams and test preparation like jobs IELTS, GAT, NTS and program studies.

The idea is, truly, as a game changer in the every field of education.

The e-Learning Summit 2019 commit that the current decade will be creating Innovative Digital and Blended Learning Tools that increases engagement and student learning outcomes.

The e-education market in the world has grown by almost 20% and is expected to be worth billion by 2019. This growth indicates increasing student demand, technological innovations and competition amongst institutions.

The e-Learning has been developed to create innovative digital and blended learning tools that increase engagement and student learning outcomes.

Key points will include:

Delivering engaging and personalized e-Learning environments that combine student centricity and pedagogy Rethinking the relationship between e-learning and physical institutions through the development of flexible & interactive blended learning models, Integrating technology to increase learning outcomes and effectively measure and analyse student results.

E-learning is the future of advanced educational system and with the advancement in the technology brought the classroom to the students has become easier than ever. But to make e-learning successful, you need to obtain the only required materials for e-learning; you will have to avail the e-learning academies books or e-books. The e-book has become a very important term in the modern era and the book publishing industry is witnessing a huge shift from the conventional method of print publishing to the advanced digital publishing of the books.