1. e-English Language

2. Career Counselling

2. CSS/PCS Through Smart Study

1. e-English Language

e-English Language is a unique opportunity to learn English with the help of tools technologies & experiences. In this program we offer three Levels (Two Months each) i) Beginners, ii) Intermediate & iii) Advance
iii-a. CSS PCS
iii-b. Thesis & Report Writing
iii-c. Research Paper Writing
ii). Children Weekends English Language Programs (Three levels) Duration 2 Hrs (Sat-Sun) ( Two months each level)
3. IELTS Preparatory Classes Weekend & Regular Program, Duration Four months, No admission fee
4. Conversation Club, All students, Working class & Business man, House wives, Working Women, Specialized Groups to improve their interpersonal & conversational / speaking skills. (Customize for groups) (Two months) No admission fee

2. Career Counselling

Pakistan specifically Sindh province is badly affected to provide the children accurate guidance regarding selection of field. The biggest issue is limited exposure about existing fields. During last decades entire talent was aware about only two reliable fields one is doctor and other is engineer. Even after this limitation engineer minded students were forced to be a doctor on family pressures and doctor minded students were forced to be an engineer. This wrong selection criteria put our talented students in another uncertainty. Almost of the time the parents’ are worried about the career of their children.They don’t know the exact field in which their children could excel.It is also important that which degree/course should meet the capabilities of the children too.

Although a very limited course material is available in the market.

e-academy taken this initiative on the basis of detailed assessment by the highly experienced career counselors to recommend the students the best field in which they could perform excellently.

This is an experienced based professional recommendations suitable for your child.

There are multiple steps to complete this process. Some students may obtain their field with in a day whereas some complicated students require at least a week with the help of filling the questionnaire from their teachers, parents, friends and other family members.

We may also recommend some students to watch certain sets of movies or we may recommend combinations of books before completion of process.

However this is the unique opportunity in Pakistan to have the correct selection of field with the help of professionals.

To kick off the process, initially you are required to submit required fees and obtain an interview date with candidate, father and mother etc.

3. CSS/PCS Through Smart Study

The Central Superior Services (CSS; or Bureaucracy) is a permanent elite bureaucratic authority, and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. The Prime Minister is the final authority on all matters regarding the civil service.

The civil service defined itself as “key wheels on which the entire engine of the state has to move.” Derived from the colonial legacy of the former Indian Civil Service, the civil service came into its modern formation immediately after the establishment of Pakistan as a “Civil Service of Pakistan”. During its time of formation, the bureaucracy produced Ghulam Ishaq Khan who would go on to become the President of Pakistan. It had influence on many of the state’s defence, internal, foreign and financial policies. In 1971, it was re-organized and reestablished under “Chapter I: Part-XII, Article 240” of the Constitution of Pakistan which gave it foundation and constitutional status.[4] The civil bureaucracy closely collaborated with the military establishments of Pakistani Armed Forces in issues concerning the national security. The bureaucracy consists of 12 directorates that provide vital office and secretariat related duties to the Government of Pakistan. The provincial bureaucracies are headed by the respective Chief Secretaries of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan. The highest attainable rank for an officer who serves in the country’s bureaucracy is BPS-22 grade.

The most influential civil servants belong to the Pakistan Administrative Service and the highest-ranking civil service positions are the federal secretaries and provinical chief secretaries

The Civil Service of Pakistan selects only 7.5% of the applicants by merit, education, qualification and experience[6] while the 92.5% are selected by a quota system. The civil service exams are competitive and provides equal opportunities to males and females, depending on their qualifications. The CSS Examinations are held at the start of every year. The exams are conducted and supervised by the Federal Public Service Commission. CSS exams have a reputation of a very low pass percentage, in 2015, only 3% of the 12,176 participants cleared the multi-staged exam.

Public Service Commission (PCS)
The Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) is a provincial agency of Government of Sindh in Pakistan that is responsible recruiting civil servants and bureaucrats in Government of Sindh.

In the parliamentary democracy of Pakistan, the ultimate responsibility for running the administration rests with the elected representatives of the people which are the ministers. But the handful of ministers cannot be expected to deal personally with the manifold problems of modern administration. Thus the ministers lay down the policy and it is for the civil servants to carry out this policy. The Sindh province with 45 million population has over 50,000 public service employees including government